Visit to RADAR Surveillance Division

The students of 4th year Electronics and Communication Engineering went for a field visit at RADAR Surveillance Division, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) to get the overview of RADAR technology, its principles, types and different components. During the visit, the students learnt and observed RADAR transmitters, receivers, duplexers, displays, antenna, detection of signals, etc. The students also observed the communication between the aircraft and air traffic controller(ATC). Er. Kobid Karkee and Er. Sujan Poudel of Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering coordinated the visit. Er. Laxmi Baral and Er. Sachchitananda Mishra, surveillance engineers at Civil Aviaition Authority of Nepal (CAAN) instructed the students during the visit. Mr. Mukunda Bahdur Vaidya, chief of RADAR surveillance division at TIA and Er. Hemant Yadav facilitated the visited.