Academic Program

B.E. In Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering

B.E. in Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering is a new undergraduate engineering programme started by IOE in 2018. It is a new course that is expected to reflect and capture the latest technological innovations, engineering disciplines, practices and trends in the national and international job markets in the field of Electronics, communication and Information engineering.

This course is an amalgamation of evolutionally and progressively co-developed and symbiotic disciplines of electronics, communication, computer science and other engineering branches.

Electronics, Communication and Information engineers are expected to be at the forefront of the challenge to use technology to improve the performance of electronic equipment in terms of speed, cost and sustainability, to improve quality of life and control for a robust and sustainable future energy network and to improve communication in different aspects of life.

This degree will provide you with an understanding of the entire stack of modern networked computers, from the design and architecture of the CPU in a smartphone, to the information theory and wireless protocols connecting it to the internet, and on to the operating systems and databases providing back-end support in the cloud and other computing environment.

The first two years follow a core program in areas such as circuits, systems, networks and high-level programming. You will learn to program in C, C++ and become familiar with software design, programming concepts and tool use the skills that are transferable to any programming concepts /environment that you encounter.

Electronics, Communication and Information Engineering program focuses on four key areas:

  • Circuits and System
  • Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Digital Signal Processing and Communication

You will gain deep theoretical and practical expertise in general electronic, communication and information engineering design techniques. You will also learn the necessary engineering and mathematical skills for careers in electronics and computer technology industries. The course provides unique combination of electronic engineering modules with those in computer science and robotics. You will gain a broad understanding of how engineering translates to everyday life through mobile and personal communications as well as information security.

Students willing to enroll in this course at KEC are assured of successful conduction of the course due to following salient features of KEC:

  • Highly experienced, talented and qualified faculty members with international exposure.
  • State of the Art and Well-equipped Electronics Lab with ample amount of resources.
  • Among very few institutions that provides 4 different trainings ,3 in-house trainings and 1 training inpartner training institutes, to students to better adapt with ever changing job market.
  • Dedicated Research Division to help student provide better opportunities in research and publications, frequent guest lectures and interactions with industry experts, Professors, Entrepreneursfrom within national level and internationally.
  • Leading institution with international linkage funded by European Union that offers opportunities for
  • Student exchange program to study in different universities across Europe.

Future Scope and Job Scope in Nepal and abroad looks very bright:

Here are some of the future perspectives:

Job Scope

  1. Telecom( Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Smart Telecom, Hello Nepal, United Telecom)
  2. Television Broadcaster( Nepal Television and others)
  3. Radio and FM Broadcaster( Radio Nepal and FM stations)
  4. Government Bodies
  5. Government Regulatory Bodies( Nepal Telecom Authority, Civil Aviation Authority Nepal)
  6. Telecom Vendor and Internet Service Provider( Huawei, ZTE, Worldlink, Vianet, Subisu etc.)


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