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KEC Civil Club is a joint committee formed by students studying Civil Engineering in KEC. It works under the guidance and supervision of Civil Engineering Department. Head of Department of Civil Engineering Department is the chief of the club and students act as members.

Objectives of Civil Club

The main objective of Civil Club is to improve and widen students’ ideas and knowledge in Civil Engineering discipline beyond his/her academic performance. It aims to teach students how to use the knowledge gained by studying civil engineering for prosperity of society and improvement of quality of people’s life.

Activities done by Civil Club

Since the establishment of Civil Club, its activities have been categorized as follows:

  1. It has published second volume of a technical magazine named ‘PRABIDHI’ on Dec 2014. ‘PRABIDHI’ means technology.
  2. It helps college in organizing TECHINICAL EXHIBITION every year as an organizer along with the support of Electronics Club and Computer Club. The projects that are best in Exhibition are awarded.
  3. It supports students in participating in different exhibitions that are organized by different colleges. Eg. It has been helping students in making their prototype to be shown in Exhibition.
  4. It helps students by notifying them about the venue and time of the exhibition, seminar, conference, etc. so that students can participate in these programs and get benefits from these.
  5. It conducts Quiz Contests to broaden students’ knowledge and ideas in civil engineering field.
  6. It makes all students aware about any inventions, creations or methodologies that are new to civil engineering field by demonstrating those inventions, creations and methodologies and discussion program conducted among students to discuss how those inventions can be beneficial to the society.

Club Members

S.No Committee Members
1 Sailesh KC Coordinator
2 Krishna Dev Sah Member
3 Kabi Raj Bhatta Member
4 Pratik Yadav Member
5 Swojita Khatri Member
6 Sarita Kumari Lama Member
7 Mamik Khanal Member
8 Keshab Pathak Member
9 Akriti Shakya Member

Contact Details
KEC Civil Club
Dhapakhel, Lalitpur


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