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KEC Electronics club is especially targeted for students studying in this college with an interest in Electronics and Communication field. The club’s main aim is not only to provide a strong emphasis in Practical Electronics but also to provide fun in learning and to help people understand the seemingly incomprehensible electronic gadgets in the world today. It also assists students in developing their own devices in an innovative way.

Electronics Club Objectives:

  1. To bring the students out of their Syllabi bound shells and to expose them in practical field.
  2. To explain the concepts of electronics, circuit design and hardware analysis and help them to gain knowledge.
  3. To provide a platform for the students to complete their innovative ideas.
  4. To provide resources and the technical know-how to realize and shape their projects.
  5. To expose the students to the latest technological advancements in the field of electronics.
  6. To organize the program and make a discussion on latest trends of electronics which indeed improve their communication skills of Electronics.
  7. To organize the exhibition for providing the Electronics Student a platform to show their skills and ideas.

Club Members:

SN Roll No. Name Remarks
1 BEI/075/04 Pawan Bhandari Co-ordinator
2 BEI/075/05 Prajjwol Shrestha Member
3 BEI/076/02 Anuj Koirala Member
4 BEI/076/10 Roshan Khadka Member
5 BEI/076/12 Sudan Basyal Member
6 BEI/077/09 Bikash Kumar Jha Member
7 BEI/077/13 Gagan Pandey Member
8 BEI/077/23 Prakriti Thapa Member

Contact Details:
KEC Electronics Club
Dhapakhel, Lalitpur


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