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tara sir

Kantipur Engineering College, one of the oldest private engineering colleges in Nepal, is proud of its many achievements as the leading developer of engineering education in Nepal for students from diverse backgrounds, cultures and skill sets. We are among the few private academic institutions in engineering sector located in a serene environment inside Kathmandu valley and best suited for quality engineering education. KEC offers first class facilities, caring teachers, standard class rooms, student welfare and support services, and comprehensive career development opportunities which have been carefully designed to deliver on our promise of high quality, effective and relevant education.
In keeping with our mission to stand at the forefront of higher education, KEC has engaged a core group of leading engineers, academician and industrialists to assist us in crafting and adapting all our programs to the highest level.
We are especially proud of our focus on our scholarship programs including international linkages and projects (SmartLink,  SUNSpACe, eACCESS etc.), which are aimed at rewarding not only academic excellence but also helping to realize the dreams and ambitions of students.
I sincerely hope your study at KEC will help you foster yourself towards a successful engineering career.

Er. Dr. Tara Prasad Pokhrel


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