Research And Training

Research, Training and Consultancy Division (RTCD) seeks to develop research knowledge, skills and attitude in the students and faculty members alike. In order to achieve this objective, the division works closely with both national and international universities, government agencies, NGOs, INGOs  and consultancies to provide customized training solutions to students , faculty members and research scholars in areas of engineering and IT.

RTCD Undertakes

 Research Activities

  • Planning, preparing program and conducting research work.
  • Exploring and identifying partnering institutions both national and international to work jointly for research.

Training and Consultancy

  • Assessing training needs of students and faculty members and executing these programs.
  • Organizing workshops, seminars, technical exhibitions and talk programs.

International Project Management

  • Coordinating with other international partner universities in preparation, planning, dissemination and execution of mobility programmes, trainings and other research oriented activities.

Activities at RTCD

 Investigation on Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation from Mobile Base Stations (BTS) and its Health Hazard to General Public.

  • This research was carried out with an Institutional Research Grant of University Grant Commission, Nepal and it tries to assess whether the level of emission due to the BTS represents a risk for human health from the thermal point of view through numerical analysis and some typical case studies.

Trainings for Faculty Members

  • Effective Teaching Techniques, Arc-View GIS, MATLAB, Blog Development, Network Management and others (as per need)

Trainings for Students

  • AUTOCAD & Land Development, SAP, Basic Troubleshooting, Basic Electronics, MATLAB, PHP, Microcontroller, JAVA, Android and others (as per need)

Management of European Union funded mobility programmes – SmartLink, FUSION ,cLINK and eLINK

Working  Personnel

Dr. Surendra Bahadur Tamrakar, Chief

Er. Dipesh Shrestha, Deputy Chief

Er. Kamal Katwal,



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