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The Computer Club of Kantipur Engineering College is student organization founded in 2013 with the intension of providing everything students need to explore their ideas, develop new skills related to the field of computers. We also help in building confidence in students with the help of various programs and programs. This Club consists of computer enthusiasts and technically minded hobbyists as the executive members. The main vision of the club is to expose the students to the latest advancements in computer technology and give individuals an opportunity for sharing and extending ideas, views and knowledge in the field of computers and fast changing technology.

The club provides a strong platform for the engineering students to practically implement their innovative ideas in computer for different applications. The Club offers indispensible guidance, workshops and organizes various events for students to explore their full potential.

Objectives of Computer Club

  1. To provide computer and computerized device knowledge and mentored trainings.
  2. To provide centralized association management services to organize technical and professional programs in the college.
  3. To nurture the minds of student towards creativity and steer and their talents towards high quality research in different areas of Computer Engineering and Technology.
  4. To make the student able converts theoretical knowledge in practical work.
  5. To let our students to excel in the area of computers and cognitive sciences and produce high quality engineers having self confidence in nation.
  6. To develop fellowship between the students of our college along with the development of mutual understanding.
  7. To provide a forum for the open discussion of all matters of public interest that includes everything related to computer technology.
  8. To enhance the professional development of our students, and networking among technical professionals.

Club Members

SN Roll No. Name Remarks
1 BCT/075/44 Raj Maharjan Co-ordinator
2 BCT/075/27 Grishan Pradhan Member
3 BCT/075/66 Shreya K.C Member
4 BCT/076/21 Bikash Subedi Member
5 BCT/076/22 Binit Shakya Member
6 BCT/076/65 Rinky Maharjan Member
7 BCT/077/34 Gaurav Giri Member

Contact Details
KEC Computer Club
Dhapakhel, Lalitpur


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