Seminar Participation in Geotechnical Challenges

Dr. Surendra Bahadur Tamrakar, Chief of Research, Training and Consultancy Division and Dr. Anand Panta, Junior Associate Professor participated in a one-day seminar in “Geotechnical Challenges in Proposed Mega Projects of National Pride” organized by the Nepal Geotechnical Society on November 19, 2018 at Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur. In the seminar, Dr. Surendra Bahadur Tamrakar also presented his research paper on “Ultrasonic Wave Reflection method for predicting residual tension of ground anchors”.

The seminar provided the several guest lectures, special lectures and general youth presentation sessions, which covered the wide area of Geotechnical challenges in Nepal with the major focuses on the evaluation of liquefaction potential, challenges in the development of tunneling in the mega projects, ground investigation, soil stabilization, landslide susceptibility analysis, and earthquake.