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Research – Grant – 2024

Call for Research Concept Notes: Kantipur Engineering College Research Grant 2024

Kantipur Engineering College (KEC) announces the Call for Research Concept Notes in accordance with the Research Grant Guidelines 2022. This opportunity aims to foster a culture of research and enhance professional competence among faculty and students.

1. Objective of the Research Grant:

To promote research aligned with college objectives and facilitate knowledge production.

2. Eligibility and Submission:

  • The call is open to all interested faculty members of KEC.
  • Students must participate under the guidance of a faculty member.
  • Groups may consist of a maximum of 4 members.
  • Submission deadline for Concept Notes: 02 August, 2024.

3. Guidelines for Concept Note Submission:

  • Concept Notes must be submitted with a minimum of 1500 words.
  • Include sections on Abstract, Background and Justification, Research Question and Objective, Hypothesis and Analysis, Significance of the Research, Design and Methodology, Estimated Time for Completion, and Budget.
  • Please use the provided Concept Note template for consistency. Click here for Concept Note template.

4. Funding Details:

  • KEC will support a maximum of 5 groups with funds up to 1 lakh NRS each.
  • Funding will be disbursed in installments: 1/4th before commencement, 2/4th during the research period (conditional upon monthly progress reports), and 1/4th upon submission of the final research report.

5. Submission and Selection Process:

  • Submit Concept Notes to the Research, Training, and Consultancy Division (RTCD) of KEC (email: rtcd@kec.edu.np).
  • The RTCD will review and score Concept Notes based on specified criteria.
  • If necessary, authors may be asked to present their concepts to a jury.
  • Successful candidates will be notified directly.

6. Contractual Obligations:

  • Upon selection, the principal researcher must sign a contract with the RTCD before commencing the research.
  • The contract outlines obligations and responsibilities during the research period.

7. Timeline and Deadlines:

  • Concept Notes must be submitted by the deadline.
  • Research work should be completed within one year unless an extension is approved by the RTCD.

8. Cancellation and Re-allocation:

  • RTCD reserves the right to cancel funding if the research deviates from the approved Concept Note.
  • Unused funds may be reallocated to future research projects.

9. Additional Information:

  • For further information, please consult the Research Grant Guidelines 2022 or reach out to the RTCD.
  • This call for proposals is exclusively for KEC members.

10. Publication Requirement:

  • The researchers awarded the research grant shall be obligated to publish their research work in the 2025 Edition of International Journal on Engineering Technology (InJET), a peer-reviewed journal published by Kantipur Engineering College. InJET is indexed in Nepal Journals Online (NepJOL), and the published paper will be assigned a unique DOI.

Important Dates:

Call for Concept Notes Opens:01 July, 2024
Submission Deadline:02 August, 2024
Announcement of the Selected Concept Notes:15 August, 2024
Research Start Date:18 August, 2024
Release of First Installment of Research Grant:19 August, 2024
Mid-term Progress Report Submission:3rd week of February, 2025
Research Completion Submission:till June, 2025

For any inquiries, please contact the RTCD at rtcd@kec.edu.np or 9851349096, 9851169374, 9849867329.


This guideline outlines the framework for submitting research proposals under the KEC Research Grant 2022. We encourage all eligible faculty members to participate and contribute to advancing research at KEC.

Submission Guideline [link here]