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Engineering Science and Humanities

Department of Engineering Science & Humanities looks after the academic and administrative activities of first year students in all engineering program of this college. It also prepares the routines and provides all the materials required for the first year students. Moreover, the department handles the entire academic issues of the students.

The department offers Science & Humanities courses namely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Communication English and Mechanical related subjects as prescribed by the curriculum of Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. These courses are the bridging and building blocks for the first year students to adjust and orient them into the core engineering courses. By revising the core subjects of high schools, students will be more competent, confident and result oriented which has been reflected in the semester result of the first year students in each consecutive year. The competent, assiduous, talented and experienced team of our department has also a paramount role to ignite the inner talents of our valued students from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, the Department of Engineering Science & Humanities has a key role to bridge the students of various needs and talents because of their initial engagement with this department in the first year. Finally, the success history of our department concerning academic excellence of the students has made us more committed to bring positive results with the collective and constructive role of both faculty members and students.

Message from HOD

The Department of Engineering Sciences and Humanities extends warm welcome to all the visitors. Amidst the challenges and intense competition within the technological world, the department has been responsible in building strong foundation for students aspiring to excel as an engineer. Apart from subject matters and scientific knowledge, we also yearn to develop strong discipline and character that is demanded academically and professionally from students. The department primarily facilitates basic science courses recommended by the curriculum of Tribhuvan University such as: Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Method,  fundamental of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Workshop Technology, Engineering Drawing I and II, and Professional Communication.

The efforts of department to maintain quality and excellence is corroborated by a group of well qualified, dedicated and diligent faculty members who have ample experience and are well acquainted with teaching and learning principles. In regards to the teaching approach, synergetic amalgamation  of theoretical and practical studies has always been proven superior to the orthodox practices.

The department and faculty members strongly abide by that approach and is reflected within the lectures, tutorials and practical delivered. In short, our department has been responsible in bridging the gap between lower level and higher level education and we invest our best efforts in delivering quality, efficiency and excellence.

Mr. Maha Datta Paudel

HoD (Engineering Science & Humanites)

Dr. Keshar Prasain


Mr. Santosh Rawal

Deputy HoD (Engineering Science & Humanites)

Mr.Krishna Gautam

Dept. Asst. (Engineering Science & Humanites)

Mr. Nirmal Raj Bhandari

Sr. Lecturer

Mr. Grishma Acharya


Mechanical Faculty

Er. Amar Baral

Sr. Lecturer

Er. Rujan Timsina


Er. Prem Bahadur KC


Science and Workshop Lab Academic Staff

Mr. Ravi Sharma

Deputy Instructor

Mr. Shiva Raj Khadka

Deputy Instructor

Mr. Nirajan Khadka

Asst. Instructor