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Computer and Electronics Engineering

The Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering runs two programs: B.E. in Computer Engineering and B.E. in Electronics and Communications Engineering of Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University. Program of B.E. in Computer Engineering was started in 2000. Likewise, program of B.E. in Electronics and Communications Engineering was started in 2002. Both Computer Engineering and Electronics and Communications Engineering are relatively newer branches of engineering disciplines and the department is committed to offer the best of academics and industrial legacy to our aspiring students and faculties.

Message from HOD

Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering extends  a warm welcome to all our students and parents. Ours is a dynamic team of highly qualified, talented and experienced teachers with international exposure and real zeal to impart quality education. Besides, running the syllabus prescribed by IOE, TU, we are committed to overall development of the students to cope up with the challenges in the future. We especially offer extensive programs of training, field visit, projects, guest lectures, seminars, technical exhibitions, competitions etc. to our students.

KEC has been forging various international linkages over the past years for upgrading the skills and overall personality of students and teachers. Ongoing FUSION and SmartLink projects are expected to create significant marks of success and quality in this respect. Our products have been working successfully in national and international organizations with highest level of performance and dedication. We are eager to take that legacy one step further with each year to pass by.

Er. Rabindra Khati

HoD (Computer and Electronics)

Er. Bishal Thapa

Sr. Lecturer/ Project Asst. (BCT)

Er. Suman Shrestha

System Administrator (IT Section)

Er. Udita Bista


Er. Kabin Devkota


Er. Nishan Khanal


Er. Pawan Acharya


Er. Aarati Kumari Mahato


Er. Nikita Subba

Asst. Lecturer

Er. Bhupesh Kumar Mishra

Jr. Assoc. Prof (on study leave)

Electronics Faculty

Er. Anup K.C

Sr. Lecturer / Deputy HoD

Er. Sujin Gwachha

Sr. Lecturer/ Proj. Coordinator(ELX)

Er. Saroj Sharma

Sr. Lecturer / Dept. Asst

Er. Pralhad Chapagain

Sr. Lecturer

Er. Gopal Karn


Er. Binod Dhakal


Er. Sagar Khadka


Er. Saroj Thapa


Er. Shuvra Baral


Er. Ravi Chandra Koirala

Sr. Lecturer(on study leave)

Er. Bikrant Koirala

Sr. Lecturer (on study leave)



Electrical Faculty

Er. Sushil Paudel

Asst. Chief (RTCD)

Er. Bishal Rimal

Sr. Lecturer

Er. Tanka Nath Adhikari


Er. Sabin Kasula


Computer Lab Academic Staff

Mr. Sanu Babu Maharjan

Junior System Administrator

Mr. Jaya Prakash Kafle

Deputy Instructor

Mr. Birendra Pd. Chaudhary

Deputy Instructor

Mr. Sujan Sharma Dhungana

Asst. Instructor

Computer Lab Academic Staff

Mr. Ishwor Maharjan

Deputy Instructor

Mr. Laxmi Sah

Deputy Instructor

Mr. Kishor Kumar Chaudhary

Asst. Instructor

The Computer Club of Kantipur Engineering College is student organization founded in 2013 with the intension of providing everything students need to explore their ideas, develop new skills related to the field of computers. We also help in building confidence in students with the help of various programs and programs. This Club consists of computer enthusiasts and technically minded hobbyists as the executive members. The main vision of the club is to expose the students to the latest advancements in computer technology and give individuals an opportunity for sharing and extending ideas, views and knowledge in the field of computers and fast changing technology.

The club provides a strong platform for the engineering students to practically implement their innovative ideas in computer for different applications. The Club offers indispensible guidance, workshops and organizes various events for students to explore their full potential.

Objectives of Computer Club

  1. To provide computer and computerized device knowledge and mentored trainings.
  2. To provide centralized association management services to organize technical and professional programs in the college.
  3. To nurture the minds of student towards creativity and steer and their talents towards high quality research in different areas of Computer Engineering and Technology.
  4. To make the student able converts theoretical knowledge in practical work.
  5. To let our students to excel in the area of computers and cognitive sciences and produce high quality engineers having self confidence in nation.
  6. To develop fellowship between the students of our college along with the development of mutual understanding.
  7. To provide a forum for the open discussion of all matters of public interest that includes everything related to computer technology.
  8. To enhance the professional development of our students, and networking among technical professionals.


KEC Electronics club is especially targeted for students studying in this college with an interest in Electronics and Communication field. The club’s main aim is not only to provide a strong emphasis in Practical Electronics but also to provide fun in learning and to help people understand the seemingly incomprehensible electronic gadgets in the world today. It also assists students in developing their own devices in an innovative way.

Electronics Club Objectives:

  1. To bring the students out of their Syllabi bound shells and to expose them in practical field.
  2. To explain the concepts of electronics, circuit design and hardware analysis and help them to gain knowledge.
  3. To provide a platform for the students to complete their innovative ideas.
  4. To provide resources and the technical know-how to realize and shape their projects.
  5. To expose the students to the latest technological advancements in the field of electronics.
  6. To organize the program and make a discussion on latest trends of electronics which indeed improve their communication skills of Electronics.
  7. To organize the exhibition for providing the Electronics Student a platform to show their skills and ideas.