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Community And Alumini

With a mission to maintain a lifelong relationship with alumni through opportunities and benefits that promote interaction and engagement with KEC and facilitates its advancement program through collaboration and cooperation, we are planning to reform Kantipur Engineering College Alumni Association.


Following are the basic objectives of the proposed alumni association:

  • To implement an alumni liaison program that will encourage alumni to identify themselves with the College; to build and sustain belongingness and participation in College affairs; to support the mission and vision of the college; to build and enhance relationships with alumni.
  • To provide a focal point of contact among alumni through the implementation of a program of reunions, events and functions for building and enhancing relationships; through printed and electronic communications; and through the creation of networking opportunities for self- development.
  • To establish and maintain an alumni structure that facilitates and enhances the relationship between the College and its alumni. This includes establishing and servicing alumni associations and facilitating and arranging meetings.
  • To support an effective advancement program through collaboration and cooperation with all entities.
  • To strengthen ties between the college and alumni and encourage them to participate in the various cultural, social and research activities.

What our Alumni Say's

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