Alumni Voices

Dr. Anand Panta, Department of Civil Engineering, KEC

I feel proud to be a part of KEC which provided me the platform to develop academically and professionally in my career. At KEC, I found sound academic environment with regular classes, examinations and constant supervision from the faculties. After getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, I got an opportunity to work as a faculty member at KEC. In the meantime, I was awarded scholarships to pursue my Master and PhD studies in abroad. The first Erasmus Mundus scholarship under eLINK project funded by Euripean Union was awarded for Master study in France and the second Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) scholarship was awarded for both Master and PhD studies. During my PhD at Hokkaido University, Japan, I got an opportunity to get through the advanced level courses and research works. As a result, I was able to publish my research papers in a world’s leading journal. I can tell from my own experience that KEC will prepare you to study, research and work locally and globally. Therefore, it is my kind advice-“just go for it”. Best wishes!